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For the past couple years I've watched in horror as hundreds of Americans have died senselessly at the hands of terrorists and criminals.

Every time a new attack is covered on the news it pains me to see how many times people perished, often times in gun-free zones, without any way to defend themselves.

Since we're being stripped of our constitutional right to defend ourselves on a daily basis my team and I wanted to create something you could take with you just about anywhere that could help save your life.

It's the Survival Strike Pen.

Introducing The Survival Strike Pen

The reasons you'll love the Survival Strike Pen are simple.

Though it looks ordinary, this amazing pen is anything but normal. Heck, for that matter it's no ordinary tactical pen either...

When your pen first arrives at your house I predict it will quickly become one of your favorite writing instruments.

Its elegant styling cues and luxurious finishes make the pen, and the person using it, look like a million bucks.

That's because the Survival Strike Pen was created using classic design elements harkening back to a time when the way a pen was designed said something about the person who used it...

Perfectly balanced, the Survival Strike Pen's lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum construction makes it feel like a natural extension of your hand.

And since it uses a classic ink roller-ball design you can count on it to dutifully create grocery lists, sign checks, fill out forms and more.

Not to mention the fact it barely weighs anything (only .6 oz.), so you'll never get annoyed with its bulk or weight.

But in all seriousness none of the reasons above are the main reason you're going to use this pen daily.

Truthfully, if you wanted a lightweight and great-looking pen you have your choice of thousands of other pens to choose from.

But the obvious reason the Survival Strike Pen will become your favorite everyday carry is because hidden inside this luxurious pen's glossy metallic barrel is a vicious survival tool.

A tool so savage, so deadly it could end a violent attack in seconds...and has already attracted the government's attention.

Please take a look at what's inside.

The Deadly Weapon Hidden In The Survival Strike Pen

Inside of the Survival Strike Pen is an incredibly sharp 2 1/2 inch serrated blade.

2 1/2 inches might not sound like a lot but it's the perfect size to mortally wound a violent attacker while small enough to fit stealthily inside of a pocket or a purse.

Best of, all the the Survival Strike Pen is quite easy to use.

To reveal the blade simply pull the end cap off of your pen and you're now ready to defend yourself with this razor sharp blade.

Simple right?

And while I'm sure you'll agree the Survival Strike Pen is a brilliant item to own for self defense it's actually much more versatile than that.

The sturdy steel blade and deep serrated teeth make it perfect for a variety of other daily/survival uses.

In reality, anything you'd use as a regular pocket knife, you can use the Survival Strike Pen for. It's for that reason I keep a few spares in my survival kit and glove box.

Fact is, the Survival Strike Pen is so dang useful and so scarily effective for self-defense the government has already banned it in 2 states.

Banned In 2 States?

Curious if your State is banned?

Just click the Big Orange Button to see which 2 states have outlawed this life saving pen.

And while the Survival Strike Pen's hidden blade is the #1 reason you'll love this amazing self defense's not the only reason to love it.

In fact I've totaled up to 5 more.

5 Amazing Reasons To Love The Survival Strike Pen

The simple fact a 2 1/2 inch steel blade is hidden inside of our Survival Strike Pen should be enough.

It truly is one of the coolest and most unique survival tools on the market.

However those aren't the only reasons to love it...

  • Ultra Lightweight: Even though the Survival Strike Pen contains a burly survival blade inside it only weighs in at a mere 0.6 oz. Good luck finding a lighter survival weapon! Carry it comfortably all day, everyday without a second thought!
  • Works In Any Condition: Both the pen and the knife will work in any condition. The pen uses a gravity defying ink ball to write sideways, upside down and in the worst weather. Since the knife is a fixed blade you can use it with ease. Stab, poke, and cut with zero worries.
  • Incredibly Durable: Made out of incredibly tough aircraft aluminum the Survival Strike Pen will withstand tons and tons of abuse. Remember, your decision to own this pen is truly an investment in your survival. The good news is the pen's advanced construction will protect your investment as long as you live.
  • Easy to Use: If you're ever forced to use your knife in a disaster you won't need to worry about working with an overly complicated survival tool. Just pull the cap off, place it on the back and your knife is ready to go. This is as simple as it gets which is of vital importance in high-stress survival situations.
  • Super Discreet: Take this pen knife with you almost anywhere! Because it looks like a regular inkpen no one will know it's actually a savage survival knife capable of ending an attack in an instant. Carry it with you almost anywhere for peace of mind and total protection. Probably not a big surprise, but this pen is not TSA approved.

As you can see a decision to carry the Survival Strike Pen makes sense on so many levels.

You're always going to need a pen...

And when you consider how much more dangerous our world is becoming you know you absolutely need a self defense tool that you can carry with you at all times.

And that's why this pen is perfect for you!

But don't just take my word for it!

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Max Reynolds

"I thought the knife was amazing. It's actually very sharp and the pen looks perfectly normal. It writes well and there are no logos on it. i love it. I would certainly recommend it."

"Everything I Expected!"


"This is a great item and it was everything I expected."

"Gift For My Wife"


"Love this, my wife loves it, lets her feel a lot safer when she is at work and I feel better for her safety as well."

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By now I'm sure you can see why carrying this incredible pen everyday is such a good idea.

It truly is one of the smartest and simplest ways to take control of your life and stay protected in a dangerous world.

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The good news? Right now you can get the Survival Strike Pen for just $9.97, which is 67% off the normal price.

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The other thing is I'm not sure if the government's going to ban us from shipping to other states in the near future! Remember to click the Big Orange Button to see if we can still ship to your state!

That means if you want this amazing survival too you've got to act fast.

BONUS #1 - Order 2 or more Survival Strike Pens we'll include a FREE keychain sized Scream Whistle with your order.

Normally $9.95, this ultra-loud and ultra-light whistle is an amazing survival tool that can be used to scare off attackers, large animals, and to notify rescuers of your location.

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Tesla book

Bonus #1 - Military Secrets For Surviving A Terrorist Attack

Let's face it, our nation isn't as safe as it should be. Recent attacks by ISIS here in the U.S. prove we're under attack. And that's why this guide is so important...because it will give you info to survive an active terrorist attack.

In this guide you'll see:

  • The 4 types of terrorists threatening your family...some are obvious, but it's the ones that aren't even in the U.S. who really threaten your family. Learning how to avoid being terrorized by these "white collar" terrorists is incredibly important.
  • The 3 terrorist targets military experts say most families should avoid at all costs. Worst of all is you probably go to 1 of them at least once a week!
  • The #1 terrorist attack threatening the U.S. and how to survive it. A special congressional committee says it has the potential to kill 301,591,101 Americans, You've likely heard of it but don't know how to survive it!
Emp Survival

Bonus #2 - Simple Riot Survival Secrets

If you've never been involved in a riot they're terrifying. The mentality of a mob can quickly turn a seemingly ordinary situation into a terrifying one. If you're ever caught in a riot it's incredibly important to follow the right steps to make it out alive. In this free E-book you'll learn things like:

  • 3 things to know so you can avoid getting caught in a riot. Knowing these tips is arguably one of the best ways to ensure you never get hurt or killed in a violent riot.
  • 5 things to prep to help survive a riot. If you're caught in a riot owning these 5 things could easily help save your life.
  • How to quickly identify exit routes in a riot. Every year people die in riots because they couldn't find their way out of the dangerous situations. I'll show easy ways to identify exits and how to access them quickly and safely

Plus much, much more!

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